Is it profitable to buy real estate in Turkey?

If you buy an apartment, villa or cottage on the resort coast, such a property will have rental yields on average 12% per year, depending on the location of the property for sale in Turkey. The best options for buying for subsequent rental are apartments, apartments, and villas on the first coastline, for example, in Antalya. Such objects are in great demand all year round. Also, apartments and villas with a sea view are always popular.


If you buy an apartment for later residing, you can save considerably if you purchase property for sale in Turkey on the opposite side of the city from the sea. So, apartments in Antalya in the immediate vicinity of the sea are not less than 75 thousand euros, but the apartments of exactly the same footage can be bought two and a half times cheaper in the depths of the city. Of course, the liquidity of such real estate will be less.